Flower Blur

This doesn’t happen very often, but I realized that this blog post could fit 3 blog memes this week…Yeah!!!!

My original photo was taken last summer…some colourful flowers on my front steps:

flowers for blur riginal uncropped_for blog

Pretty enough…but I wanted to try out a newly-discovered blur technique in Photoshop. I just finished watching a week-long series of free tutorials(48 tutorials in total were available)….I got Photoshop/Lightroom overload!! And no, I didn’t watch all of them….but I did watch quite a few and learnt a lot..

I cropped the photo to focus on the red flowers first and applied Path Blur. I blended the blurred image with the original image but I thought it needed more. So, I did some colour and exposure corrections and applied a texture by Kim Klassen(kk_isobel overlay at 70%). And now it is a blurred abstracty flower photo:

flower PS path blur overlayed over normal curve colour corrected kk texture isobel overlay 67percent for fb


I think it needs a frame or border of some kind…will have to think about that…..I also did a slightly different version for Instagram(light overlay with DistressedFX instead of texture) which you can see on my IG stream here.

So…now to the memes.

1. Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen since I used one of her textures(kk_isobel). Linking to Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday here.

2. Helena’s Pairs meme…with the “before and after processing” pair. Linking to Helena’s “Pairs” meme here on Wednesday.

3. NatureFootstep DAM because it is a nature abstract! Linking to NF Abstract/NF Digital Art here on Wednesday.

Please be sure to visit all 3 host blogs to see what everyone else posted this week.

21 thoughts on “Flower Blur

  1. I need to jot down the creative pair combinations folks come up with. I, too, am learning a lot more about Lightroom recently, discovering presets which I’ve never used. I think I use about 10% of Lightroom’s power. These are great, and I love the connection.


  2. I think you began with a great photo! I do like the wispy edits though and will investigate more in the future. I am still new to this so have a lot to learn! I know what you mean about OVERLOAD. 🙂


  3. I think you misspoke … you caled it a blurred abstracty flower photo and it should be called a very beautifully done blurred abstracty flower photo. Wow, I have PSElements but have never used Photoshop/Lightroom. I love the effects and might be interested in it. How would you compare it to the regular Photoshops? How is Stuwie tolerating the winter? Izzi loves it, but it limits her outside time so she gets very antsy and she doesn’t like her boots, Ha! Have a great week, Marsha and woofs to Stewie from Izzi 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol


    • I find PS harder to use than PSE…but it does do alot more. I am on a monthly subscription with Adobe for PS and LR(the cost will add up after a few years!). You can also get lots of free or very cheap presets for LR so I like that!!
      Stewie loves it outside as long as he has his booties on(just a bit of a struggle but he will do anything for a treat!)


      • Thanks for the info, Marsha … I think I will start exploring my options since my PSE is getting pretty much out of date. I laughed at “Stewie will do anything for a treat” … he is a true Aussie. Izzi will actually walk away from a fetch game if there is no treat to be had … That is becausde they are smart and like to play us, Ha! Have fun … boots and all 🙂



  4. Lovely result —soft & subtle. And it is so nice to see those colorful flowers when I’m still shoveling snow and it seems like it will never end.

    Where did you find those tutorials? Can you post a link to them?


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