One Four Challenge for March Week 1: At The Forks

Back again for Month 5 of the One Four Challenge after missing month 4…though I almost forgot about it…March came up SO fast!!

I thought I would use a photo I pretty much dismissed as a total failure when I first looked at it. This was supposed to be a silhouette of some people walking along the frozen river at The Forks in Winnipeg. It is a silhouette…but it is way too dark, so much so that I thought it would be unusable:

original for blog

So for the first week I just wanted to prove to myself that it has potential.

I opened the file in Lightroom and did some basic editing…exposure, contrast, clarity, vibrance, sharpening etc. And I now have a photo…a bit overexposed but at least there is now some colour:

basic edits in lightroom week 1 for blog only

Hopefully I will be able to slowly improve this photo as the month progresses! It should give me practice in working with selective editing on different parts of the photo. I hope to use both desktop and iPad apps…

For more results for this challenge google “One Four Challenge” or use “One Four Challenge” in the categories search in WordPress reader.



18 thoughts on “One Four Challenge for March Week 1: At The Forks

  1. Once you try the ND Filter you won’t ever go back, it is a great tool worth figuring out. I really like the amount of color you brought back with the people, they look great. I am also looking forward to seeing you progress each week. Taking one part of your image for each week is a great way to go about this challenge, I need to take that to heart for next month I think. Great start!


  2. Glad you are back for March Marsha!!
    This photo has lots of potential and even though I love the colour, I also love the darkness in the sky and ground with the light.
    Have fun with it – looking forward to the next 3 🙂


  3. The picture is slightly under exposed because of the snow tricking the light meter, I wrote a bit about it on my post for this challenge as I am also using a snow scene. The quick version is that the snow is bright and the camera compensates by under exposing the picture to create a balanced exposure.
    You rescued this picture quite nicely, although I can’t see where I would take it next so I am interested in what your other version will be.


  4. It’s definitely a vast improvement, may I suggest the nd filter over the sky for next time to capture that lovely cloud detail


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