Pairs 5: Night and Day

I was thinking about using the “day” photo below for a left/right pairing, but PrairieJill had a WAY better suggestion…and that led me to a day and night pairing instead.

The top photograph is of the sun and a pair of sundogs(my original thought for a left and right pair)…and the second photo is a haloed moon. The connection or link?? Both of these phenomena are 22 degree halos and are “caused” by the same atmospheric conditions(hexagonal ice crystals in the air) and physics principles(refraction). If you want to learn more about 22 degree halos check these websites: here or here. The photograph of the sun was taken early morning January 31st and the photograph of the moon was taken late evening on the next day, February 1st.

(click on collage to enlarge)

collage halos

I have to thank hubby for the photo-op for the sundogs, since we were out and about in the car early in the morning doing stuff. If I had gotten my choice I would still have been asleep and cosy under the bed covers(it was -37 degrees Celsius outside) and therefore I would have missed out! And I have Stewie to thank for the haloed moon photo-op since he wanted outside and again I would have missed out since I wouldn’t have voluntarily gone outside at that time of night(a mere -25 degrees celsius)! And of course, thanks to Jill for the suggestion of this linked pairs.

linking to Helena’s “Pairs” meme here 




12 thoughts on “Pairs 5: Night and Day

  1. Love these photos. We saw the ring around the sun on Saturday but didn’t take a picture, but missed the ring around the moon Very impressive seeing them paired!


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