Pairs 3: Front and Back for Weekend Reflections

I have always loved a medical center building on Henderson Highway in Winnipeg. It has a gorgeous glass front with wonderful reflections. I knew I could use it for a post for Weekend Reflections…but I was unsure how I could use it for the Pairs meme.

I started taking photographs of the building as I approached from the side…I walked slowly to the front to capture various angles….and then I got it!! I would take photographs of the back of the building too…so that would be my pair: FRONT and BACK! The side view is just a bonus!

The collage shows the view from the side with the wonky yellow apartment building being reflected, the reflections in the front of the building(3 views of trees and assorted buildings across the street being reflected) and a view of the  back of the building(wooden with small windows each having their own reflection).

(click on collage to enlarge)

henderson building for blog collage

I had never been to the back of the building and I think that I like the sets of reflections better than the massive front reflections!! It looks like an art gallery with rows of paintings/photographs. One never knows what one will find when searching for meme photographs…

Linking to Helena’s “Pairs” meme here and Weekend Reflections(on Friday) here.




14 thoughts on “Pairs 3: Front and Back for Weekend Reflections

  1. Back & Front…Genius! I love the reflections and in these huge glass buildings you get to see so much reflected. I suppose that’s rather obvious? anyhow what I mean is your Pair this week (+bonus) is wonderful. x


  2. I love it – I’m intrigued by how different the backs of buildings can be from the front and I love your description of all the small windows as art hanging in a gallery – I’m going to remember this for a pair, thanks


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