Mobile Monday: Motion Blur with Camera FV-5 lite

An android app for this week is one of my favorite apps: Camera FV-5 lite. I first posted about this app here. Camera FV-5, as described on Google play store, is a professional camera application for mobile devices, that puts DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips. The app I used is the lite version which provides limited picture resolution…maybe I should actually buy the full app for 4 bucks!!

So far the mode that has drawn my attention most is control of shutter speed.  The custom mode within shutter speed control is very useful for capturing subtle motion blurs and I set it 0.3 to 0.4 seconds exposure time. Focused on people moving slowly, it produces wonderful photographs of people with wonky limbs or other body parts. It is very unpredictable…..

Seven photos I have taken are shown below in the collage. These are all unprocessed, straight from the camera(click on the collage to open it in a new window and then click again to enlarge again to see the photos better):

fv-5 lite blurs1 smaller collage

With a little bit or alot of processing(including textures and light filters with the app Mextures) they can become quite interesting photos.

I heavily textured, added extra blur with the app iColorama and layered multiple versions using the photo in the upper right of the collage to produce this photo:

modified cold

Maybe a bit too dark!!

A second example, a blow-up of the bottom right hand corner of the large photo on the left gives these 3 people:

3 mts

I love the effects that show up in these photos…for instance the wonky legs on the lady on the left. I think it will be lots of fun playing with the other photos too: the headless boy in the orange coat and the 2 men checking their watch/cell phone. Also the strange-looking figure in the photo with the mother and child(bottom right in the collage).

Motion blur is a popular field with many photographers and this won’t be my last post on blur! There are many different types of motion blur and lots of different ways to create it. Wonky-limbed motion blur photos which constantly inspire me can be found on photo-sharing sites such as Instagram and flickr. For example, check out 2 of my favorite Instagram photographers who are experts at this: wallah’s photo here and a photo by Klimtt here.


5 thoughts on “Mobile Monday: Motion Blur with Camera FV-5 lite

  1. Thanks for sharing your techniques! I came across your art on Instagram, and find the images to be quite striking. I wondered how you achieved the “wonky” figures. Great job!


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