Pairs 2: Before Stewie/After Stewie

Stewie was born on Christmas Day in 2011…so he gets lots of presents on December 25th. One of the toys we bought him was a NERF boomerang…it looked like it was made from a very sturdy Kevlar-like material…..and it would last him forever. Hah…….

boomerang toy collage

Less than 10 minutes later he had chewed off a corner of the boomerang(luckily he didn’t eat it) and was about to have a go at the stuffing…He was quite pleased with himself since after all, it is his job to destroy everything.

So the pair for this week is Before Stewie/After Stewie!!! Well, the story is Before/After…but the photos are During/After!!!

But don’t worry, he still has new toys to play with…he also got a NERF ball which he hasn’t destroyed yet, plus an indestructible Jolly Egg. You can see him playing with his egg in this post.

Linking to Helena’s “Pairs” meme here.


11 thoughts on “Pairs 2: Before Stewie/After Stewie

  1. What a great pair. I have turned my back on several occasions only to be greeted with a floor full of fluffy stuffing!
    I now tend to buy empty chew toys for the dogs.


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