Mobile Monday: Mission: Pic

A fun and inspirational app today: Mission: Pic available on the app store for Ios. I found out about it on a wordpress blog post here.

From the iTunes web page: Every day everyone gets the same new photo mission.  Each mission will challenge your creativity, photography and the way you look at the world. 

This is a reasonably new app(August 2014) and it is like a 365 photo project. You post a photo for the day based on the prompt(the mission), look at the other ones posted and then you can vote + or –  for all the other photos for the day if you choose(you can only vote once on any photo).

You can take a photo through the app(there are a few basic editing capabilities) or load from your photo gallery..and you can re-post your “mission” on Facebook or Twitter.

I just discovered this app over the weekend and have now posted for the Jan 10th and 11th prompt.

This is a screenshot from my iPad of my first post for the Jan 10 “Green” assignment which also shows that I have a net 9 likes:

mission pic


There aren’t many participants yet…so it is a good time to jump on the bandwagon. About 20-30 people participate each day in posting photos. Previous prompts for 2015 have included oddball, vintage, starts with M, vandalism, tree, winning, lines and wonderland.  You can’t add to previous days’ posts but you can start now!

It will be interesting to see how long I can keep this up. It seems like everyone has a very weird sense of humor so it should be fun.

Be sure to check out what PrairieJill has posted for her Mobile Monday here.



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