Mobile Monday: Multi-Exposures with Hipstamatic

A fun/great time-waster app post today: I recently discovered the multi-exposure feature in the classic Hipstamatic app. This lets you take 2 or more photos and the app processes them as one.

I played around with a lots of lens/film combos. You can only use 1 lens/film/flash combo in each multi-exposure…I was disappointed at first about this, but I think that too many effects would really muddy the photo, so as it turns out, it is a good thing!

For this first collage I used a stained glass wolf, ceramic penguin, cat poster and an Inuit bird sculpture in a window. I chose these since I thought they could provide strong form and contrast with whatever second photo I used in the multi-exposure:

hipstamatic multi collage redo-1

I also took some multi-exposures with just random shots(ie less planned than the first set). It takes a moment or so to figure out what is actually in these photos:

random photos1

Stewie was my main model for the next set, some of which are quite creepy looking, but the upper right photo is probably my favorite:

stewie collage for blog

A final one that is not much of a photo(not sure quite what happened!), but I think it will make an interesting blurry texture for overlays:

2015-01-04 14.50.52

I know there are lots of apps that let you do multi-exposures with random(or planned) photos from a photo gallery…but this one is fun because you “compose” the multi-exposure as you are taking the pictures. Quite often though, the final result is still unexpected.

You might have noticed that most of the photos were indoor shots: that is because it is -30 degrees outside!! I think outdoor landscape photos would be pretty cool for this technique- maybe in spring time I will play with that!

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5 thoughts on “Mobile Monday: Multi-Exposures with Hipstamatic

  1. Ooh, interesting!! I think I like the results in the first collage best. As you said, the strong forms of the objects probably help. But the others are interesting, too. And I really love the texture you accidentally created!
    I have this pack for Hipstamatic – must start playing with it!

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