Mobile Monday: Five Apps

I played around with quite a number of apps for this week’s post. Lots of shenanigans and manipulations are necessary when working with 3 “computer” platforms: Android for my cell phone camera, Ios with the iPad and Windows for my computer.

I took some photos inside a local Canadian Tire store using the android app Camera FV-5 Lite. This app allows the length of time that the shutter is open to be controlled. To create interesting motion effects with people who are walking slowly, an exposure time of 0.3 seconds usually works well.  This extended exposure time also creates camera blur with light trails and interesting background repeats. It gives very different blur effects than the Motion Camera app that I used for a previous Mobile Monday post.

The photos were then transferred via Dropbox (android version) to my iPad for basic editing(like cropping and exposure/contrast). This editing was done with VSCO Cam, a very versatile app that is the go-to editor for many iphoneographers.

For the final editing effects, I  decided to try a new-to-me app called  Mextures(available for Ios only). The Mextures app has amazing textures, light leaks, emulsions and gradients that can be combined endlessly in layers; you can design your own combinations or use preset formulas.

For the last step, I created 2 collages(using the Ios app Moldiv). The original photo is on the left, the photo after VSCO Cam is on the upper right…and the final photo after Mextures is on the lower right.

The first collage is of a single man with a shopping cart walking away from me:

Processed with Moldiv

I love the skinny legs created with the slow shutter!! For the Mextures edit(3 layers), an emulsion and light leak in colour burn mode create most of the drama.

The second photo is of a father and his 2 kids, again, walking away from me:

Processed with Moldiv

In this Mextures edit(8 layers), the major glow effects are created by light leaks in multiply mode.

Way too much fun to play with Mextures!


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5 thoughts on “Mobile Monday: Five Apps

  1. Wow – 5 apps in one post!! That’s a record.
    I love the effect created by Camera FV-5. Interesting how different the effects are from SlowShutterCam and Motion Camera. Love your processing, too! Mextures is a lot of fun to experiment with.


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