Mobile Monday: Cortex Camera

A useful rather than fun app for mobile Monday(or for me, iPad Monday). Low light photography often doesn’t work very well with cell phones or iPads(and I don’t like flash)… gives the photo a lot of graininess. Of course, there are apps that can overcome this and the one up for “discussion” today is called Cortex Camera.  I learnt about this app in a Skillshare class by Kevin Lu called Photo Illusions. I managed to watch the class for free but I believe that the web site is now (or soon will be) charging for their videos.

For my first test, I simply took a photo of my sheep key-hanger in a dimly lit room on the regular iPad camera(iOS 8.1.2) and then took the same view with Cortex Camera. Cortex camera does take a bit longer to take the photo(it takes a whole series of photographs) so you do have to keep the camera steady…but it apparently can remove any motion blur too. It only does standard photo size, not square, but that’s okay with me.

The difference in the graininess is pretty clear. The normal camera photo is on the left, cortex camera on the right(click on the collage twice to really enlarge it):

sheep collage

Next, I took some photos near sunset. Regular camera on the left, cortex camera on the right(click on the collage twice to really enlarge it):


Again, much more detailed and less grainy photo with Cortex Camera. The exposure is slightly different too…not sure why, but maybe that is part of the process.

So a helpful app that is no harder to use than the regular camera program on the iPad…

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