One Four Challenge for December Week 4- Chicago Skyline

Month 2 for the One Four Challenge which you can read about it, and join it here. This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.

Wow, I really struggled with getting a fourth look. I wanted it to be very different…and eventually I settled on Black and White.. but, no, not together, separately!!

So 2 versions for week 4:

I liked the simplicity of the sketch on White:


But at the same time, I liked the Goth look of the Black:


Both of these finishes were done with the app iColorama…so I figure it counts as one!!

You can see all versions in the gallery:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Like last month, I have set-up a poll so that you can vote for your favorite, if you would like to do so:

Linking to One Four Challenge week 2 December here.



20 thoughts on “One Four Challenge for December Week 4- Chicago Skyline

  1. Hi Marsha – I finally made it – its been a busy fun week!
    A few did 2 versions this time around.. Lol.. Fun!! 😃
    I love all that you’ve tried and played with here throughout December. The one that captures my full attention is week 4 black.
    Happy New Year 😃🎉🎈


  2. It was a trough decision…both of your versions this week would look good on any wall. I opted for the white version as I think it match a greater variety of indoor decor. However, it was close as I love the effect of the back lighting in the dark version.

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  3. I must say I struggled to decide. They are each such different choices, I do love week 2’s fixes, week 3 is so original an unique I picked it. But this week’s versions are also very interesting. Love the goth glow 🙂 You worked hard this month! Good for you.

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  4. These are all great. My fave is week 2. But I really admire your week with this week’s. I like particularly the second of the two. Is the ‘glow’ around the tops of the buildings intentional or an artifact of the process? I think I’d like that even more without that glow or aura. In fact, I want to try out this technique. Good work all round!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hey I did 2 versions this week as well 🙂 Great minds. Like how you went a completely diff place for these, the white pencil sketch is nice but I really like the glowy BW version, it feels like Gotham City 🙂


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