NF Abstract:Abstract Christmas

The optional subject for today’s NF abstract was “Christmas Card”. Not Christmas card for me, but just Christmas-y of an eerie sort:

tree person


Photo taken with the SlowshutterCam app. I used a few other apps too for processing, with the final effect by Hipstamatic Tintype.

Correction January 19/2015: this photo was actually taken with the Android App Camera FV-Lite which allows for slow shutter effects.

Linking to NF Abstract/NF Digital Art here.


7 thoughts on “NF Abstract:Abstract Christmas

  1. I see something entirely different, even though now that it has been mentioned in the comments, I can see a Christmas tree. What I saw was a person hurridly trying to finish her Christmas shopping. Maybe I am projecting my own dilemmas into your picture, Ha!. Bottom line, it is striking! Hope you have a wonderful, Warm, unhurried Christmas Marsha and Izzi sends her Aussi Awesome Wishes to Stewie as well.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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