One Four Challenge for December Week 3- Chicago Skyline

Month 2 for the One Four Challenge which you can read about it, and join it here. This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.

This week I am going radically different with my Chicago skyline. I used 2 iPad apps: Oggl and DistressedFX both of which can be found in the Apps store.

My first processing for this week used the panorama photo from week 1. I opened it in Oggl…but the whole photo would not fit, so I just chose an interesting section. I used the Salvador 84 lens plus a film I don’t remember- I chose the Salvador84 lens because it gives un-reproducable but very cool results. I then opened the modified photo in DistressedFX and added a filter and a texture(don’t remember which ones…there are 24 filters and 20 textures to choose from). I then re-opened the 2X modified photo in Oggl and applied the Foxy Lens and Blanko Freedom13 film. Bottom line…a very grungy look with echoes/ghosts of buildings(from the Salvador lens) and blue and orange light leaks (from the Foxy lens):

week 3 final


A big change from the previous clean looks. And yeah…I figured out to add a gallery to show the original plus the first 2 weeks:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Linking to One Four Challenge week 2 December here.



24 thoughts on “One Four Challenge for December Week 3- Chicago Skyline

  1. This reminds me of old film you forgot to develop for years and it isn’t quite the colors you would have gotten had you developed before the expiration date… if that makes any sense… it looks like an old film photo, is what I’m trying to say. Such a drastic change from the HDR effects you have had. Nice Job.

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    • Yup…Oggl(Hipstamatic) and Distressed FX are the 2 main reasons I wanted an iPad…
      The gallery doesn’t look like a gallery in the edit mode…go to the end of your post in edit mode, or where-ever you want to create a gallery.Go to add media and create new gallery…add some photos, under gallery settings on the right drop down the menu till you see slideshow, push the blue create gallery, update your post and then do a preview…the gallery slideshow should be there!!


  2. Oh this is great, I love that you cropped and cropped hard to bring the focus to the strong lines and shapes all stacked up. The processing treatments work really well here, Im not sure what the ghosting effect is caused by but I like it too.

    Its like a double exposure taken decades apart, showing what was there and what is there now, and that aged grunge effect adds to that feeling.

    I would give this a gold star 🙂

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  3. Wow, youve done lots this week Marsha!
    I like the way you chose a section and worked on it – this is a very successful grungy look. Funny, when you mentioned grungy, for some reason, my mind went straight to B&W. I really like this colour version.
    I still think its amazing what can be achieved with Apps 😃

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