Mobile Monday: Motion Camera app for Android Only

An afternoon playing with the app Motion Camera on my Samsung phone. I was with PrairieJill(who was also snapping blurs as well as using Hipstamatic) and we walked along the skywalks in downtown Winnipeg, snapping photos of people and street views. The Motion Camera app makes multiple exposures rather than blurs…at least in the way I have the app set up.

My favorite shot is this “Abbey Road” photo…of a pedestrian walking across St. Mary Avenue:


This one looks like walking headless sweatshirts:

2014-12-05 23.55.35

That is Jill and her camera phone in the bottom right!!

I caught this lady as she was coming around the corner:

2014-12-05 23.52.08

I like how you can see a person pushing a baby stroller through the far-right image of the lady.

And lastly, this good-looking gentleman was checking out something on his cell phone as he walked by:

2014-12-05 23.53.09

If he happens to see this blog(what are the odds???), I hope he likes the photo! I like not only the multiple exposures of the real person, but also the multiple exposures of his shadow on the wall.

I love this app…

Be sure to check out what PrairieJill has posted for her Mobile Monday here.


12 thoughts on “Mobile Monday: Motion Camera app for Android Only

  1. I love that app, too! These are all wonderful.
    It’s interesting how different the effect of this app is from Slow Shutter on iPhone. Wish someone would come up with an IOS version of Motion Camera – the effects are different enough that it would be nice to have both.


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