One Four Challenge for December Week 2

Month 2 for the One Four Challenge which you can read about it, and join it here. This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks. I am working with a photo I took of the Chicago skyline; I cropped it to panoramic format and intensified the blues in Week 1.

Again, the processing for Week 2 was 2-step.

First, I took the suggestion of a comment made on Week 1 by “Lens Addiction” and removed the perspective distortions. For this step I used the app SKRWT. This app is amazing…I had never used it before, but it took me only a few seconds to do the corrections! I used the original photo for this step(thanks “Snow Fissures and Fractures“) and re-cropped it to panoramic. The buildings do look straighter now, but to me, this also took away a bit of character.

The second step was using Lightroom where I added a develop preset(by Stuck in Customs). The preset I used for this week is called “On Recreational Drugs” and as the name of the preset suggests, the colours are intense. Maybe a bit too intense and HDRish, but there is always next week to tone things down:

on rec drugs for blog week2

For comparison here is Week 1:

panorama skyline lr preset a new beginning by s in c


And the original:

chicago skyline original smaller for blog



Linking to One Four Challenge week 4 December here.



24 thoughts on “One Four Challenge for December Week 2

  1. I like the straightening of the buildings, and the preset really makes those colors pop! I don’t know why but I’m really into contrasty this month… this is my fav so far. 🙂


  2. All I can see are improvements. Nothing is overdone and the straight buildings do not distract from your earlier version. I don’t think the colors are over-saturated at all.


  3. Your adjusted photo definitely works better than the original. The love the intensity of the colours. Much more interesting. The original is also good, but compared to the adjusted photo, the original seems a little flat. I am going to join in with the fun challenge too.


  4. Great edit! I didn’t know about the SKWRT app – thanks for the info. I must admit that non-vertical lines don’t usually bother me, but it is nice to know how to fix them! Love the effect of the preset, too.


  5. Ooh I like this, and I totally get what you mean about the image losing some character from the previous unstraightened version, you have to be careful of the inbuilt twitch most people have thats around lines that aren’t straight that should be straight. Of course photographers are the worst of all LOL

    The preset you chose works really well here, it really highlights the shiny reflective surfaces of that bunch of buildings to the left that are catching the light, and adds some texture and drama to the sky. Nice choice, I find a lot of Trey’s presets are a step too far for my delicate sensibilities but this one does the job and is spot on!

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  6. Marsha, I really like this edit.
    First up this morning I was viewing on an iPad and I have to say the computer screen does it much more justice.
    I like the way in this image, you have brought out the small details – in the sky and water and the city itself. I think this is my favourite of the 3 so far (incl the original). Nice 😀


  7. Oh, I like the pano version and straightening the lines up makes the buildings look very officious and citylike. Everything seems much more clear in this second week too – would that be the effect of the preset by Stuck in Customs as I know he is into HDR in a big way?


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