One Four Challenge for December Week 1

Month 2 for the One Four Challenge which you can read about it, and join it here. This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.

I had a hard time deciding which photo I should work with, but decided I should do something totally different from November…which involved a simple photo of a leaf and a few twigs. So for December I am going to play with a photo I took a few years ago…the Chicago Skyline. The original photo is here:

chicago skyline original smaller for blog

The first processing for Week 1 was 2-step. First to crop the photo so that the horizon is not mid-photo and I thought I might as well do the crop so that the photo becomes panoramic-like. Much better composition I think- by almost following the rule of thirds!!  Second step: the sky is really washed out…so I added a Lightroom HDR preset(from Stuck in Customs) to add a bit of colour and brighten everything up.

So below is the panoramic-cropped and HDR blued and brightened photo:

panorama skyline lr preset a new beginning by s in c

So that is my processing for week 1. Amazing how the cropping completely changes the photo…..

Check back in the weeks to come for further processing(a great excuse to play with the apps!!).


Linking to One Four Challenge week 4 December here.



23 thoughts on “One Four Challenge for December Week 1

  1. Amazing edit, I like how you delt with the sky, great improvement. I am adicted to cropping, so I aprove of that. Maybe, just mabye… I would leave just a little bit more of the water, I feel it would look nice. But that’s just me.
    One piece of advice about adjusting the angle, if you decide to do it . If you are going to adjust the angle of the photo, do it before cropping.


  2. A nice transition from the original. I always like the panoramic cropping. And your brightening of the image is perfect! I wonder where you’ll go with this.

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  3. Cropping is so amazing. I don’t do it often enough, it isn’t something I think about for some reason. It really draws my eye where it feels more comfortable. The colors are nice too. There are many possibilities with this image, great pick. Looking forward to seeing your process as you progress with this! Great work so far 🙂

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  4. Great job on the cropping, totally changes the focus and feel and the HDR treatment works really well with the textures in the image.

    Have you considered the perspective adjustment to account for the bit of lean on the buildings on the edges of the image? LR 5 has an AUTO button that takes care of it really easily.


  5. The croppIng really does change the image and I like the edits youve applied to brighten the image. The blue tones are great too. I like that the blues are mirrored in the buildings as well.
    A great first edit for December Marsha 😀


  6. Amazing indeed, Marsha. This looks so much brighter and puts the focus on the interesting buildings. A lot of details have come out and we can really appreciate the architecture better. Very nicely done! Chris


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