Mobile Monday: iPad style

Combining platforms again…DSLR photos with iPad apps. This week I used 3 apps(available from the App store): DistressedFX , Mextures and Hipstamatic.

The first photo is Achillea seed heads from my garden after applying a filter and texture in DistressedFX and then assorted layers in Mextures:seeds

The second photo is a leaf, again after playing with Distressed Fx and then Mextures:


I loved the iciness of the leaf photo so I then decided to see if Hipstamatic TinType could make it icier:

Photo 2014-11-29, 8 34 31 PM

Not really icier, but I like the effect anyways.

What specific filters did I use???? Well, unfortunately I find it to be very hard to keep track of what filters/textures were used in DistressedFX and Mextures, especially when combining both apps together. Mostly because I haven’t figured out to save and rename photos after each app step. The only thing I know for sure is that I used the Half Life filter for the leaf photo in DistressedFX.

Be sure to check out what PrairieJill has posted for her Mobile Monday here.

And like PrairieJill, I have joined Instagram too. Check out my photostream, @coolquilting to see another version of the achillea seed heads. You can also click on My Instagram widget in the sidebar to take you there.

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