NF/DAM: Leaves with Created Texture

The theme of this week’s meme is Create your Own Texture and layer it over a simple image.

The original leaf photo is here:

leaf photo

The photo I used for texture(“fossils” in grey rock) is here:

fossil texture

I softened the texture with a few filters(blur and something else I don’t remember!)  and then layered it over the leaf photo in PSE. I found that the usual layer modes like overlay, screen and soft light didn’t work well, but hard mix worked great.

The first attempt was a bit extreme so I toned down the opacity of the texture for the next 2:

leaves with fossil

leaves with fossil less opaque fossil

leaf photo_edited-3

Of course I couldn’t stop here so I used the texture on 2 flower photos too:

flower plus fossil texture_edited-1

flower plus fossil 2

Who knew that the photo of the “fossil” could work so nicely as a texture to create abstracts??

Linking to NF Abstract/NF Digital Art here.


11 thoughts on “NF/DAM: Leaves with Created Texture

  1. Isn’t it amazing what effects you can get with a photo texture that you might have thought was useless until you try it?

    Both images turned out so well with your textures.

    I do the same thing —try something as an overlay and then have to try everything on the list to see if I like something better, then play with opacity or levels until I like it. (Sometimes changing the levels on the image on the layer below works or else changing the mode layer itself, or sometimes both.)

    You can view my Digital Art creation for this week here:


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