One Four Challenge on Mobile Monday with a Poll

I decided to join another challenge which I hoped could be combined nicely with my “Mobile Monday” posts. It is called the One Four Challenge and you can read about it, and join it here. This new challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks. Actually starting next week I might split these up into 2 posts…Mobile Monday on Monday(!) and 1-4 challenge for Tuesday…..

I found the 4 weeks to be challenging. I wanted to get 4 very different versions….it was harder than I thought since I kept being drawn back to an image like the pastel version. I was happy when I managed to get away from pastel colours for week 4!!! Well, they are slightly pastel-ly, but at least they aren’t pink!

So, for this 4th week I started with the original image and cropped it slightly. I played around with the Mextures app(on iPad) and then further texturized and brightened it with Topaz Impressions Liquid Lines(desktop). I like how it now looks like the leaf and twigs are silhouetted against a river:

week 4 river behind liquid lines2

Robyn, who started the challenge, suggested we add a poll so blog viewers can vote for their favorite version. I had never done a poll so I thought this would be fun, as long as it was easy…and it was!! So please participate below:

The original photo:leaf original

HDR(week 1):

leaf snapseed hdr for blog

Textured(week 2):

ps layers texture

Pastel(week 3):


River(week 4):

week 4 river behind liquid lines2



Linking to One Four Challenge week 4 November here.



Come back to check the final poll results(Dec 1)!!

And be sure to check out what PrairieJill has posted for her Mobile Monday here.

23 thoughts on “One Four Challenge on Mobile Monday with a Poll

  1. I’ve just been going back through last months challenge and love, love what you did with this image. The adding of textures and effects really made it outstanding.

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  2. What a lovely challenge Marsha. I voted for number three, just so beautiful to my eyes. I like the sound of this challenge but do I really need another one? probably not, but I do so love playing with photos…


  3. I am not voting! I refuse because that would mean, in essence, that one is better than another and I just can’t seem to see them that way. each one is just so individual and interesting. Who ever thought one darn leaf could make me so indecisive? You are a winner all around!

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  4. I love the artistic effects that you’ve put to an already lovely original photo … it’s hard to choose just one, each has it’s own special quality that recommends it! But as a haiku poet, I think I’m attracted to your textured week as it reminds me of a Japanese painting. Bravo!

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  5. loving the colours in #4 and the brush effects!!! It does flow like a river!! I loved them all but maybe 2 & 4 for me- ok choose one! I will go with #2 , for some reason the texture and tone are so appealing and evocative to me and very zen!!!

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