Photo Lab 45:Splat

I am playing with Prairie Jill and Miriam. We are working our way through Steve Sonheim’s photography book(Creative-Photography-Lab-Self-Expression-Mixed-Media), lab by lab.

The objective of this lab was to create a sharp graphic image.  A fun lab to do…the difficult thing was finding something to SPLAT…I thought about a lot of things that would be safe to SPLAT…paint tubes, chocolate chips, cookies for example. No good. I tried carrots..they were too soft. So I broke down and tried glass…a small piece of some foil-wrapped glass less than 1 inch across(I didn’t want to get shards all over my carpet!).

It splatted great!! But tiny, tiny, tiny little splinters…I would need a good macro.

My DSLR..couldn’t get close enough…no good! Need macro lens or extensions…

My point and shoot camera…ditto even in macro mode!

My Samsung galaxy phone: Bingo!

smashed glass_edited-2


5 thoughts on “Photo Lab 45:Splat

  1. I love the result of the broken class. And who would think a cell phone would catch a better photo that your cameras? (My cell phone camera takes good photos only outdoors.)

    I’ll have to see if the library has this book. I don’t want to go through the entire book, but I might pick and choose some of the ideas for future use.

    Often I get great ideas from other photographers on Flickr. While I’m listening to an audio book, I scroll through hundreds of photos using a sketch pad to make a quick sketch of an idea I’d like to try.


  2. Great result!! I love the colours in the shadows. Interesting that the phone was able to get the shot that the cameras couldn’t.
    I wasn’t brave enough to smash anything, so I skipped this lab. Hope to get back to it next week.


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