#1day12pics on Instagram for November

1day12pics announcement for september

Today I decided to participate in an Instagram meme by MYcreative and Emma Davies Photography. You can read more about it here or click on the photo above for more info.

I took 12 photos, one every hour as I went about my day and this is what I got:

1day12pics collageTime spent at Grant Park Shopping Center, Marketplace in North Kildonan and at home with hubby, Stewie and, in the evening, The Winnipeg Jets on TV. Made some cookies(not very good), started a Sudoku puzzle, did some winterizing(my bicycle) and played with shadows and light as the daylight dwindled and became night.

A fun day for photographs…sometimes the hours sped by quickly, other times they seemed to go on forever.

Used a few photo apps including VSCO cam and Instasize as well as Instagram of course! No textures, just a few filters. All photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy.

PS…I finished the Sudoku puzzle!


5 thoughts on “#1day12pics on Instagram for November

  1. Well that’s a cute face if I ever saw one! Shame about the cookies too…
    I do love doing this link up, it makes me feel a lot more productive at the end of the day.


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