Mobile Monday…Android Style Plus

Playing with 1 photo taken with my Nikon DSLR and then edited in a variety of desktop and android phone apps.

The original photo of a cute duck sunning itself on a rock and quacking something to me:


I played with the android phone app Camera MX and got the usual silly/fun effects:

duck phone apps

For the following 2 collages the effects might not be obvious in the normal view so please click on each collage to open them in new tab and then click again to enlarge them….. the effects will be much more apparent. 

I tried some desktop programs, Pixlr(a more complete version of the Android app) and Topaz and got a few neat effects, especially the upper left one(a pencil crayon filter) and the lower right(india ink filter):

topaz and pixlr_edited-1

And lastly I went with the big guns and used some textures and Lightroom presets:

textures and presets

Still not quite what I am looking for.  But getting close I think. The iPhone app mextures has some really cool textures and presets but no android app YET!!

I also used this same photo as the starting point for Tuesday’s  Wednesday’s NatureFootstep abstract meme…so stay tuned!

I wonder what app Jill is working with today for her Mobile Monday post…check it out here.


6 thoughts on “Mobile Monday…Android Style Plus

  1. So many interesting effects! The Camera MX versions made me smile – as you said, silly/fun. Hard to pick a favourite from the others, but I really like the India ink version. It would make a nice rubber stamp!


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