Mobile Monday…Android Style

A different kind of android photo app today…for post-processing to remove unwanted items in a photograph. The app is called TouchRetouch. I came across it through an excellent photography video at Skillshare which you can watch here(after joining). This app lets you remove an item and then clone back in some filler if necessary.

Four before and after photo collages are shown below. These collages only have the item removed..I didn’t do any cloning steps yet. The app does a remarkable job of figuring out what might have been there! Maybe next week’s post will include some cloning steps…..

A reasonable job of removing the metal barn. Some cloning steps could help smooth it out:
barn gone collage

A great job removing the stop-light from the sky. More work would be necessary to remove the base and a bit of the stalk that I missed…but I don’t care about that part of the photo:
lamp 2 removed collage

Great job removing the chimney:  chimney gone

A pretty good job of removing a telephone pole and wires. A little bit of detail work is needed at the base of where the pole was and also in the clouds to remove the hard edge:telephone gone collage

This app is very easy to use..and the instructions from the video cited above really help too.

I wonder what app Jill is working with today for her Mobile Monday post…check it out here.



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