WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

The theme of this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Refraction….So that to me suggests “Science Experiment”. I hated physics in high school but I do remember reflection and refraction… especially since I failed my first physics test in grade 12 because I mixed up these 2 concepts!

Refraction: The images that are witnessed through glass/see-through objects are a result of refraction(from difference between.net).

I then googled images about refraction and decided to try to create one I found.

This is my very scientific(!!) set-up here, using plexiglass balanced on a kleenex box, drops of glycerin and some dried flowers:

set-up for bog

I used one dried yellow flower and got refracted images of the flower:


This was so cool to play with and deserves playing with some more!!

Linking to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge here.

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