Photo Lab 41 Night Vision

I am playing with Prairie Jill and Miriam. We are working our way through Steve Sonheim’s photography book(Creative-Photography-Lab-Self-Expression-Mixed-Media), lab by lab.

This week’s lab was to take some night vision photos…setting up a tripod and using long exposures to capture the light. Steve suggested starting just after sunset and continuing till dark…but I forgot about doing this lab until after the sky went dark…so I just have after-dark photos. I didn’t want to venture far from home, so I set up my tripod and DSLR in my driveway and hoped to get some cars going by…but traffic was surprisingly light!! I changed the camera angle to capture whatever direction the few cars were coming from…

I did manage to capture a few cars going by. The first 2 were taken at f/16, 5 second exposure and ISO of 1000:



Not too bad..though quite dark so I increased the exposure time to 10 seconds:


A bit brighter but I went one step further to 15 seconds:


A bit too bright…but partly due to the lamppost being in this shot!

But I am quite pleased that I could get the car lights streaming…

An update…I got up at sunrise to try again this morning…setting up the camera and tripod in the house(on the floor in the kitchen looking through the window) to try to get photos…but the light was literally increasing by the second and traffic was surprisingly almost non-existent. But I did manage to get a few shots. For the first shot, I accidentally had the camera set on automatic so the settings were f/4, 1/8 sec and ISO of 1250(hey…it was early and my brain wasn’t in gear yet!!):

sunrise for blog

This sort-of worked although without much light streaming. Captured the pretty sunrise….. but please excuse the Stewie nose-prints on the window in the upper right and left corners.

So I set-up on manual and eventually(a long 6 minutes later and brighter) got this with f/6.3 and 2 sec exposure…no ISO reading on the EXIF:

sunrise for blog2

Too much light…but I did manage to get some light streaming…

Interesting lesson, fiddling with manual exposure and ISO…


2 thoughts on “Photo Lab 41 Night Vision

  1. Oh, well done!! I love the streaming lights on the cars. And what a great idea to also shoot near sunrise (of course, I’m ever up early enough for that to be an option for me!). I love the pretty colours in the sky in the second-to-last one.


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