ZIZIZO #42 Geese for Wild Bid Wednesday

Out for a photowalk without Stewie this time(don’t tell him please!)…to see the Canada Geese as they prepare for migration. This pond is just a 10 minute walk from where I live…in a new development right on the edge of the city.

As expected, there were lots of geese as seen in the zoom out:

lots of geese

2 different zoom ins, which is why I called this post ZIZIZO #42:

I am not sure everyone loves the geese…they must be destroying this newly sodded yard:

geese on lawn copy_edited-1

I was lucky enough to catch some geese coming in for a landing for my second zoom in:

geese landing zoom in

I will really miss the geese when they head south…but I know they will be back next spring.

Linking to Helena’s ZIZO meme here. And linking to Wild Bird Wednesday here.


11 thoughts on “ZIZIZO #42 Geese for Wild Bid Wednesday

  1. I think there is something special is seeing such large numbers of one thing all together and well done of catching the landing shot – I bet they are noisy for the people in that house too – the ones on the river where I walk honk a lot at this time of year


  2. Lovely shots! Nice to find another fellow-quilter. I also oil paint and used to make and glaze ceramics (never had my own kiln, so getting the pieces fired got too expensive!) Love being creative. I’m not a great photographer, but I try…at least I have a “good eye” because of my painting experience. Just don’t understand the mechanics of it all.


  3. We are seeing thousands of Canada Geese heading south or stopping by for the winter. These are the wild ones, some of which are smaller than those that stay in Illinois all summer and breed. They certainly can mess up the lawns and sidewalks!


  4. Yes, they really are everywhere, aren’t they? Great ZIZIZO photos. I love the shot of the geese landing – it’s so hard to catch just the right moment (I speak from experience!), but you did it!


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