NF Abstract: Camera MX

A new day…a new app!! I discovered the android app Camera MX recently and have been happily playing with it..alot! I couldn’t decide which of 3 flower abstracts to use, so I am including all 3. The photos were all originally taken with the PicsArt app and then modified in Camera MX.

The first 2 are kaleidoscopes. In the first one bright red celosia is in the center and is surrounded by layers of coleus:

flower 3

The second kaleidoscope is lilies:

flower 1

The last one is a “tiny planet” effect mostly of geraniums and celosia:

flower 2Did I say how much I like this app??? These abstracts were created using my gallery photos..but the app also works live as a camera too which is way fun!!

Linking to NatureFootstep Abstract here.


8 thoughts on “NF Abstract: Camera MX

  1. These are great. As Andrea said —it’s difficult to choose a favorite because they are all so different.

    I love kaleidoscope designs. I used to make them by taking pie-slice shapes from my photos and repeating them in Photoshop —a lot of work.

    Later, I discovered that Pixlr has an action to create kaleidoscope designs from your photos, too. Pixlr is a free enhancement software that you can use online. I used it once, then several months later I had a hard time finding the page in Pixlr, but I did find it —it’s there somewhere. (Haven’t used it for a while.) That reminds me I still have some images I created with it. Will have to see if they are good enough to post here sometime.


  2. Wow, I wouldn’t be able to choose either … they are all interesting and beautiful in different ways. I am not good at using apps on my phone yet, though I am learning … Sloooowly. This is impressive workm Marsha …

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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