Mobile Monday…Android Style

PrairieJill played with the Decim8 app and uploaded some photos to her blog in a few different posts here. I really liked the abstract effects she got, so I wanted to try the app out too. Luckily this app is available for both iPhone and Android!

I had a photo of a couple of crows on a lamppost so I decided to try to see what effects I could get. The original photo is in the upper left:

decim8 collage

The crow picture was pretty simple, so I then tried a more complex photo for a starting point . Again the starting photograph is in the upper left:

collage decim8

Things can get pretty wild! I think I will have great fun with this app!

Next week(or sooner) I will post some photos created with my newest app CameraMX which is available for free from the Google app store here.




3 thoughts on “Mobile Monday…Android Style

  1. Great effects! I don’t think I’ve ever tried Decim8 on a simple image like your crow photo, but now that I’ve seen your results, I’m inspired to try! Love the effects on the second image, too.


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