NF DAM Motion: Canna Lilies and a Tree

A perfect theme for me this week from NF Digital Art Meme….Motion.

I posted a canna lily blur last week here and today I have a “zoomed out” image with the canna lily flower bed on the right:cannas from distance

Since I love this app so much, I am taking the opportunity to post a second motion blur today, a silvery tree that looks like it is dancing:

tree blur

Both images were created with the Motion Camera android app. This is a “live” camera app…it doesn’t work with gallery photos…

For more posts on this theme please see here or click on the NF DAM image at the top of the post..


5 thoughts on “NF DAM Motion: Canna Lilies and a Tree

  1. Interesting effects on these. There are so many interesting apps out there, but my phone’s camera doesn’t take great photos, so I haven’t tried any apps. I just read about creating motion blur —but the method used was to set the camera on delay and then swing or move the camera to see what you get. I also tried setting it at a slow shutter speed and moving it. My experiments weren’t very successful, but a few might be useful as backgrounds or textures.

    Yours turned out well.

    My Digital Art for the week can be found here:


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