Mobile Monday…Android Style

We took a drive out to Selkirk, Manitoba yesterday…and I snapped away with my Samsung. My husband found this very annoying as he drove…me snapping photos and waving my arms around(to get a good shot)…but he survived the ordeal!!

For some reason I liked this shot…a pile of rocks for sale, a line of trees in the background and an autumn tree and trailer to the right. I played with it in a few apps(Vintage Scene FX, ColorSplash, Pixlr and PaperCamera) and got a variety of effects. Some are too grungy for me or look a tad overblown…but the effects are still interesting. I need to tone down the filter effects I think so the photo itself is a bit more obvious.

the original is here(I had to blur out the phone number on the sign):

rocks cropped

The PaperCamera comic boom effect is here. Too comicy:

PaperCamera cropped

And assorted random filter effects from Vintage Scene FX here. There are so many options and adjustments that can be made for each filter…it is a bit overwhelming…so these are just the default effects:

A bit washed out:
Vintage Scene_1412565949742

A bit too grungy:Vintage Scene_1412564970997

Too faded:Vintage Scene_1412565265646

I like this effect in the sky, but the grunge is just a bit too much::Vintage Scene_1412565336234

Very different effect, but too dark:Vintage Scene_1412565420799

Too washed out…but I like the tree on the right. It looks like a fog set in:Vintage Scene_1412565526668

One from ColorSplash is here. Too saturated:


And finally the silk stylize from Pixlr. I like the silky clouds:

silk effect

Playing with photo apps is way too addicting. But unlike Goldilocks and the 3 bears…I couldn’t find any that was “just right”. I will just have to keep playing…especially with the Vintage Scene FX app….I can’t even imagine how complicated it will get when trying to layer various app effects!!!

Maybe I should also play with a simpler photo!!

Check out Jill’s post for her Mobile Monday shots here.


2 thoughts on “Mobile Monday…Android Style

  1. Oh, yes, apps are definitely addictive! And there are too many choices!
    I like all of these, although I see what you mean about the strength of the textures in some of them. I think my favourite is the second one – the soft, blurry b&w. Love that effect! And yes, once you get into layering apps it gets even more overwhelming!


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