Photo Lab 39 Squiggle Drawing

I am playing with Prairie Jill and Miriam. We are working our way through Steve Sonheim’s photography book(Creative-Photography-Lab-Self-Expression-Mixed-Media), lab by lab.

Lab 39 is Squiggle Drawing, creating a light painting using a fixed light source and moving the camera during a long exposure.

I used 2 sources of light…

The first was a supermoon…since I couldn’t get a good photo of it I figured I might as well play with it. Exposure was for about 1.5 seconds with f/16:

moon squiggle

And luckily for me my neighbours have a lovely variety of garden lights!! So these were my second source of light for squiggle drawing. Like Steve suggested, a long exposure worked well….I used a 6 second exposure and f/16 for these shots, which gave lots of time to play:

brights 6 sec collage

Click on the collage to get a better view!

Another fun lab….I could have spent all night doing this…..


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