NF Abstract: Motion Blur Canna Lily

It still hasn’t frosted yet in Winnipeg…average first frost date is September 22…so that means there is still plenty of lingering flora to photograph. I came across these gorgeous canna lilies in the gardens on the Legislative Grounds yesterday and they were begging to be photographed!

I listened to their request and took their photograph with the cool android app Motion Camera:

cannas large

I love this app. I took 164 photos with it yesterday so expect lots more motion-blurred photos!!

Linking to NatureFootstep Abstract here.


10 thoughts on “NF Abstract: Motion Blur Canna Lily

  1. Since I’m catching up on the last 2 weeks, I saw your more-recent motion blurs first. This one has great colors and looks very much like an action painting. I haven’t heard about “action paintings” in years, but I had a watercolor class in college where we loosened up by doing quick, 5-minute, action paintings, just grabbing colors and painting as fast as possible. Of course, some looked terrible, but a few were great.

    Yours looks great.

    My image for this week can be found here:


  2. Well, I’ll have to look into that app … very interesting effect, indeed. And I must say, quite beautiful. You should be well prepared for next weeks prompt which is motion … I look forward to seeing more of these cool pics. (164 pics … you are almost as bad as me 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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