Photo Lab 38 Blur

I am playing with Prairie Jill and Miriam. We are working our way through Steve Sonheim’s photography book(Creative-Photography-Lab-Self-Expression-Mixed-Media), lab by lab.

Lab 38 is BLUR. Blur on purpose!! I used all 3 of my cameras for this lab, trying to make blurs with different techniques.

A wild blur from Assiniboine Park…Taken with my Samsung phone, moving the camera/phone quickly while the photo is being taken:

lamp blur

An action blur, taken with my point and shoot camera…kids playing on the swings. Probably too much blur still since the whole photo looks out-of focus…a combo of the kids moving plus some unintentional camera blur by me:

kids on swing

Lastly, less wild blurs, taken with my Nikon, and setting the shutter speed slow enough to allow blur by the objects being photographed(for some of them). Unfortunately, there is still unintentional camera blur by me due to the long shutter times, so the backgrounds also are a bit blurred. Maybe I will actually pull out the tripod and try again at a later date!

Grasses in my neighbour’s yard, being blown by a gusty wind:

grass blur

And chairs in my neighbour’s yard too. This blur was done by quickly changing the zoom:

blur by zoom

A lily, moving ever so slightly in the wind(or by me moving slightly!). This was unintentional blur but I liked the effect:

lily blur

Of course Stewie makes a great blur model:


And lastly, my hubby. With this picture I also added an overlay from the Pixlr app to give more texture:

george blur plus pixlr overlay

Intentionally making blurs was a lot of fun….so many different ways to do it too!. Not all successful yet…but practice makes perfect!







3 thoughts on “Photo Lab 38 Blur

  1. Great variety of blurs! I like them all, but I agree that it takes practice. (Except for the unintentional blur, which I seem to do very well!) I really like the blur you created by changing the zoom. Very cool effect!


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