Mobile Monday Android Style

Jill posted some wonderful blur photos on her blog today for Mobile Monday. Of course there is no android equivalent for the app she used…

I can’t get good blurs with my android phone that aren’t due to camera blur. Playing with motion blur in low light conditions might help…and turning off picture stabilization too!

I did find an android app called “Motion Camera” but I haven’t quite figured out the ins and outs of it. These are 2 blurry photos I took using the app:

MotionCamera blur stewie small

MotionCamera blur tree smaller

I also took a photo of my mom’s gorgeous Bougainvillea, using camera motion to create blur(no app) and got this boring blur photo:


I tried to do some follow-up with apps like Jill did, and got this cropped abstracty photo using Paper Camera and Pixlr express. Not too successful as a photo however:

abstractBut with a bit more playing it could make a pretty cool quilt I think!

So enough playing with blur for now…….Thursday’s PhotoLab has lots more.

I had a bit more success transforming 2 photos using the desktop version of Pixlr with the silk stylize:cosmos with silk

stewie with silk

Love love love the silk stylized Stewie photo!!! It takes the ‘evil” edge look off!!

Okay…I have just blow about 3 hours of my life playing with photo to take Stewie for a walk.



3 thoughts on “Mobile Monday Android Style

  1. Hi The ‘blurry’ shots are interesting but the dog wins the shots for me! I have now safely arrived back from 6 weeks away so have LOTS of editing to do!! Thanks for looking in on my posts while I was away and commenting. I appreciate that very much.


  2. I’m glad you found an app that does something similar. If it’s like the one I’m using, it’s really hard to control! I find that I often get far too much blur. I’ve found that I need to manually stop the blur rather than just let it run to a timer (not sure if yours gives that option), but even then I often get overly blurry results. Your tree shot came out well. I also love your processed bougainvillea – what a gorgeous abstract.
    The Silk effect is interesting. I just love Silky Stewie!


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