Photo Scavenger Hunt Last Items: #10 plus Update #14


A parade…a real parade(well, almost!!):

parade of homes collage for fb

And the last item is the Photobomb, item # 10. Stewie co-operated greatly for this and provided 4 photobombs in July. One photobomb from above, one from the side and 2 from behind:

Investigating a project for a Photo Lab:with stewie

Getting in the way of the Canada Geese photo:

photobombing ducks

And lastly a collage of 2 photobombs taken 3 seconds apart and a first photo of what I was photographing when he decided to investigate:

photo bomb flower collage for blog

Never a dull minute with Stewie!!

Linking to Rinda’s final linky for the 2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt here. Thanks Rinda for another great hunt!!!!!

All scavenger hunt items found!!! All my previous posts can be seen by clicking on the Photo Scavenger Hunt  subheading under my blog title, or by clicking here.




10 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt Last Items: #10 plus Update #14

  1. Hi Marsha, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It has given me the opportunity to repay the visit and I love the way you have interpreted some of the photos. The parade made me smile, and Stewie, well, yes he is great at the photo bombs isn’t he!! I loved your reflection photos too – you might be interested in a monthly neme I run called ‘5 in 5’ as it is simple, quick, and fun. Off now to browse your Gelli Plate posts. I recently bought one and it is still in it’s packaging!


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