WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

The theme of this week is endurance.

I had several thoughts about endurance for this post…but I decided to go with my city’s very enduring restaurant.  The restaurant is called Rae and Jerry’s Steak House and it opened in 1957. One website describes it this way: “Go for the steak. Go for the decor. Go for the tomato juice. Just go”.

The interior decor is still the same …bright red carpeting, red vinyl chairs, red walls, dark wood panelling, dim yellow lighting, real cloth tablecloths…classic 1950’s retro!! And we good heartedly joke that even the waitresses are the same waitresses that worked there in the fifties!

I was fortunate that my bus route home today went past the restaurant and I managed to quickly snap a photo of the restaurant sign from the bus. It was not a great quality shot(ie terrible) so I decided to give it a very “vintage ” feel by playing with the Vintage Scene FX app:

endurance copy

The restaurant has been a family favorite ever since it opened, with 4 generations of my family eating there at one time or another…and my family already has plans to celebrate a milestone birthday for me there in November!! Can’t wait!!

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6 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

  1. And the food is still amazing! We hadn’t been there for years and then ended up having a staff Christmas party there. It was soo good we back for MY birthday. I expected to see Darren and Samantha Stevens walk in. So retro.


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