Photo Lab 37: Mixed Media Not!!

Haven’t done this week’s photo lab mixed media project…so instead, I thought I would share some photos I took the other day at Assiniboine Park where I met PrairieJill for another of our photowalks. Used my android cell phone for all photos…

Assorted park fauna(with some flora):

quick collage-2_edited-1

Did you notice both a spider and a bee in the top photo?? I didn’t see the spider until I was sorting the photos!! A photobomb!!

Love the foot action of the geese!! And isn’t the warbler in the verbena sweet? The squirrel was busy eating and burying nuts and the fish in the pond looked like they were expecting us to feed them.

Flora and The Conservatory:

flora white

Some of these shots were modified using either the Pixlr or Paper Camera app. I love the Comic Boom filter from Paper Camera in the bottom right fountain shot and the upper Conservatory shot! The other photo of the fountain on the left was also taken with Paper Camera(Aquarello filter), but I think I have to tone the filter down a bit..

The pink and white hydrangeas inside the conservatory(2 photos above) were amazing….I think we must have spent half an hour just taking photos of them. The zinnias(upper right) were gorgeous and the Monarda or bee balm(upper left) certainly lived up to its name. It really was attracting bees…including the biggest bee Jill or I have ever seen. It must have been 1.5 inches long…but it stayed too far away to allow us to photograph it, not that we really wanted to get too close to it!!

I had admired a photograph on a blog that I follow here.  She created it with the “silk” stylize filter from Pixlr Express. Of course I had to find it and try it..not easy since it wasn’t in my version of the phone app, but I found it eventually in the new desktop version.  I chose as my test, a mildly disappointing out-of-focus(poor depth-of-field) photo of pink snapdragons that I had taken in the gardens just outside of the Conservatory. The original is on the left and the silk version is on the right(click on the collage to get a good detail):

silk collage

Subtle, but I love the silk effect!! The silk effect seems to flatten the image so that the too narrow of depth of focus is no longer an issue. Thanks Laurie!!!!

I took about 250 photos… lots of bees and wasps, lots of flowers and lots of blurs(for a future photo lab). And lots of reflections for the Weekend Reflection meme.

And speaking of blurred photos…..this is one of me in the Conservatory:

me in blur

Thanks to Jill for this wonderful photo!!

It was a blur of an afternoon…2 art exhibits in the Pavilion galleries, a visit to the Conservatory and much photography(even on the bus ride home).  The Pavilion galleries included a display of works by Northern and Rural Manitoba artists, as well as wood cuts, wood engravings and watercolours by Walter J. Philips. We couldn’t figure out the difference between wood cuts and wood engraving…but I looked it up: wood engraving is a special form of woodcut with cuts along the wood grain, allowing for fine lines and details.The display of Philips’ woodcuts etc changes every so months so it is always worth a visit.

The park is quite a distance from my home, and travelling by Transit Tom means poor little Stewie gets left to himself for a few hours….but that also means I get a grand welcome when I get home!!! Hopefully the weather will stay nice and I can back to the park to see the English Garden fall flowers, before the dreaded “W” season sets in.

An aside: do you like the collages with the white borders? I saw this on another blog and liked the way it looks like the photos all just blend into the page…



3 thoughts on “Photo Lab 37: Mixed Media Not!!

  1. It was a wonderful afternoon! I came home with tons of photos, too. Will post a few to my blog later tonight.
    Love your fauna collection! The little bird came out beautifully, and I love the geese – such attitudes. Too bad the giant bee wouldn’t sit still long enough for photos.
    Great shots from inside the conservatory. Love the Paper Camera effect. Must remember to play with that! I also really like the subtlety of the Silk processing – something else to add to my to-do list.
    And yes, I do like the white borders. It’s a nice effect.


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