Mobile Monday- Android Style

Joining in with Prairie Jill and Miriam for their Mobile Monday Postings. I think Helena is also joining in too!

Jill used 2 of her favorite filters in RetricaPro here. So I too played with Retrica…but I don’t have the pro version yet(25 more filters).

I don’t have real favorites yet(there are many to choose from) although I do at times seem to like the Hudson filter and the Fab Four filter. When I went to Bunn’s Creek Park with Stewie this morning I decided to shoot with the random filter option. Then when I got home I sorted them into filter effects I liked and filter effects I hated and lots I was neutral about. I wasn’t going for composition…and many times Stewie pulled me off track anyways…

I know that not all the filters would work all the time, but there are some in my “hated” collage that I can’t really see working under any situation. Some of the softer vintage ones might work well in situations other than landscape.  Maybe those for another day!!

My “Hate” it collage(click to enlarge):hate collage

As you can see, most of these are either very garish…or very dull.

My “Like” it collage(click to enlarge):

like collage

These photos look more natural(in general), but I have to admit that although I like them individually they make a very dull collage!!! And I am not biased because Stewie is in a photo: there were quite a few snaps of him with other filters I didn’t really like!

And for other android users, I came across this blog recently with lots of posts on android photo/abstract art apps. Please check here: android app posts.




3 thoughts on “Mobile Monday- Android Style

  1. Oh, what a great post! So nice to see lots of filters all in one place. I agree with you on the “hate” filters – some of them are definitely garish. (I find the same thing in the Diana app – some of those filters I just can’t ever imagine using). I like your “likes”, too. I think the vignette also makes a big difference. I was out shooting today with the Hudson filter again, and accidentally turned off the vignette (I accidentally do a lot of things in this app!) and was surprised at how different the results look.


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