Spotted Photo Meme- September: Color


A new blog meme from iHanna….Spotted Photos.  As in, spotted as being a theme that occurs in our everyday photographs. The theme for September is “Color”.

Deciding on a color took awhile…I have lots of greens and blues, hardly anything yellow or purple, little to no pink and red….so that left orange. I went with all shades of orange from yellow-orange to orange-red. I pulled about 100 photos with orange from my Picasa albums and narrowed it down to fit into a few collages(you can click on any collage to enlarge it).

Orange flowers or plant leaves everywhere:
orange flowers

Orange in animals…from the translucent ear on a deer to the orange beak of a pelican:

orange fauna

Orange in some famous art, from Magritte to an Mexican version of Mona Lisa:

orange art not mine

Orange in my “art” too, including a kindle case, some quilt blocks for Thomas Knauer and some gelli-printing:

orange artsy stuff

Orange in my home(curtains, doors and carpet) plus me in an orange dress:

orange home

Of course this had to include Stewie and his orange toys!

And lastly, some orange sunsets and sunrises, from Winnipeg and Victoria:

orange sunsets

Yup orange is “spotted” in alot of my photos!!

Looking forward to October’s spotted photo theme…Photos of Nature. If you want to join in, click on the pink iHanna badge at the top of the post to get more info.

4 thoughts on “Spotted Photo Meme- September: Color

  1. Love your orange collages Marsha, wow! How fun to find themes with a theme color, a them within the theme! Thank you for joining and playing a long! I’m looking forward to nature photos too, there could be so many themes within that theme!


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