ZIZO #37 Ducks

More mallard ducks and ducklings!!

I had met a couple of friends at my local coffee shop on Tuesday and afterwards, I walked home, hoping to be able to find “my” ducks again.  The coffee shop is very near Bunn’s Creek so I knew I shouldn’t have to walk very far to find them.  They weren’t in the exact same spot where I had seen them last but instead had drifted upstream a bit….

The lighting in this new spot was quite dull due to a cloudy sky and large shade trees. As a result, the original photos were not that exciting, so I played with filters in the Painteresque photo app to give them a vintage, almost wood-cut look.

The zoom out:

ducks zoom out

The zoom in:

ducks for fb

These ducklings are pretty young for this late in the season…I hope they will be strong enough to migrate successfully when the time comes!

Linking to Helena’s ZIZO meme here.



6 thoughts on “ZIZO #37 Ducks

  1. love the patterns on their feathers and yes they seem late for a clutch of ducklings – the ones I see are now the same size as their parents


  2. Oh, Marsha! Very cool app AND precious ducklings. We have three coveys of quail who visit us and one of the groups has very young chicks; like you, hoping they will be strong enough to get through our Northern Utah winter. Thanks for sharing this.


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