Weekend Reflections: Winnipeg Building



I was on a photowalk with another Winnipeg blogger this past week and we both played with assorted camera apps with our cell phones. I had liked the photos she had taken using the Retrica app so I decided to tried it too.

This photo was taken in the outdoor courtyard of the Manitoba Hydro building in Winnipeg and the building reflected in the window is the Medical Arts building:

building in winnipeg phone app

I love the filter effect…it gives a nice vintage/retro look…However, I am not sure which filter it was…Retrica has 80 different filters and unfortunately the photo information does not tell you which filter was used. I guess I have to go back to the site and experiment with the filters to figure it out!!

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections: Winnipeg Building

  1. Love it! I was thinking at first that it might be the Hudson filter, but now that I look at again, it looks more blue. Wasn’t there a filter called Cool that you were playing with? Or Saturn …. or maybe Teal … or …. Hmm. It is too bad there’s no way to go back and identify the filters, isn’t it?!


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