Photo Scavenger Hunt 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 14, 15 and updated 20

Lots more photographs for items on Rinda’s photo scavenger hunt, presented in a haphazard order. If you check my blog subheading “Photo Scavenger Hunt” you can see my previous posts.

Here are 2 versions of a welcome sign(#1 on the list) for Winnipeg….The official version and a graffiti/mural version:

welcome sign cropped_edited-1

welcome sign graffiti copy

Item #4 is a group of tourists. This photo was taken at Grand Beach, about an hour’s drive north of Winnipeg….and anyone on the beach is basically a tourist. But these ladies were definitely tourists….they were from Australia and were admiring the sand castles being constructed:


More tourists here in a panoramic view from the upper deck of The Forks Market in Winnipeg:


The Forks, a major tourist attraction in our city also was the site of a rack of postcards for item #5.


An urban street scene for #6:


and another view for a more street-oriented scene:

street scene 2

An updated version of #20 a bus with a picture painted on its side. My previous version wasn’t really painted…it was a removable ad..but this one definitely qualifies:

bus with signIt is a blue bus…but since it is electric with zero emissions, it’s slogan is “This Bus is Green”.

I have posted # 3 birds on a wire, # 15 a juggler and #14 a parade on the facebook group page for this scavenger hunt, but I will repost some of the photos here too:

Birds on a wire….on telephone wires right across the street from my house:3 birds zoom in_edited-1

Jugglers. 2 versions. The first is panda bears plate-spinning(which is apparently the easiest type of juggling):


And a kid juggling:

kid juggling

The pandas were in the Winnipeg Centennial Library and the kids were in the Exchange District for the Fringe Festival.

Check out here where I created a flip book of another kid juggling devil sticks. These kids loved displaying their juggling skills.

And the most difficult so far #14 a parade. I have settled for these 2 versions, but I should be able to get a “real” parade in a couple of weeks:

parade collage for fb and blog

I still have more one more to post:  Stewie starring in a series of photobombs(# 10 on the list).

Linking to the August linky for Rinda’s Photo Scavenger Hunt here.



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