ZIZO #35 Artist Trading Cards

After I took an online gelatin printing class, one of the participants organized an Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap. An ATC is just 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches and are always traded only, never sold!

There were 10 participants originally who were interested and so we decided that since it was a small group we would trade ATCs with everyone!! One person opted out, so that left me with 8 ATC swap partners to make cards for: I will probably send 3 or 4 to each partner. And I will post all the cards I receive too.

So I went on a mass printing spree and produced these ATCs. The zoom out shows all the cards, the mid zoom shows 9 of them and the zoom in shows my favorite one..I think it is my favorite because it is not a “typical” gelatin monoprint.Click on the collage to enlarge it and then click again to super-enlarge it.

atc collage 2

About half of them will be used for this swap and the rest I have for future swaps(except a blue one saved for someone which is also in an earlier post here!!). If anyone is also into ATC swaps let me know and we can trade too!

Linking to Helena’s ZIZO mem here.


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