ZIZO #34 New Lens

I was so happy yesterday morning…this arrived in my mailbox:

zoom box for blog

My super-duper 8X telescopic lens for my cell phone. It cost me 10 bucks(including shipping) on eBay!! It came direct from China…with less-than-perfect English instructions. But, now I need to buy a little tripod(or devise some contraption) since this lens makes the camera super sensitive to unsteady hands…

Of course I had to try it out for this week’s ZIZO!!  And I spied a way-too-early sign of autumn as my first subject.

The first shot is regular zoom out with my cell phone, 2nd shot is 4X zoom in with the normal cell phone zoom and the 3rd shot is using the telephoto lens at 8X . Once I get my “tripod” I should be able to go to 32X:

week 34I can see myself having lots of fun with this. The bit of lens flare/distortion in the 8X zoom is partly because the lens was cheap and partly because of operator error!!

Linking to ZIZO on Helena’s blog here.



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