Blue Monday- Blue Artist Trading Cards

I am making a slew of Artist Trading Cards for a swap related to a gelatin printmaking class that I took online. I was using mostly black paint for printing since black tends to work best for the highly desired second and third prints. However I was getting bored(and black is very messy!) so I thought I would try BLUE.

These cards were made by covering a very tiny (2.5 inches by 3.5 inches) gelatin plate in blue paint and then laying down a delicate pressed weed as a mask. A piece of mixed media paper was laid down on top and the paint was then transferred to the paper by gently rolling a brayer on top:

blue ATCs

The smidges of pink were “accidental” transfers from previous prints with the weed, as were the traces of black. These happy accidents are what makes gelatin printing so unpredictable but also make it so much fun!

Maybe I will add something to the background…or maybe not, since I like the uneven textures and brayer marks.

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8 thoughts on “Blue Monday- Blue Artist Trading Cards

  1. Hello Marsha, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, my story was sad but happy when I remember how sweet and clever my parakeet was.

    Your paper art is beautiful. I know very little about this type of art. I love the pressed flower affect with the blue. I have pressed many flowers in my time and I use them to make cards. A fun craft.
    Have a great week,


  2. Hi Marsha,

    I am no artist, but I know that I like pretty–and that’s pretty. Thanks for making Blue Monday special by sharing.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!


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