Weekend Reflections: Stewie

Andrea and Izzi have been expecting to see a reflection of Stewie in a car bumper from our next car show. We had been planning on taking him to the Selkirk car show, but Stewie does not tolerate the heat very well(he has a very, very thick coat) so we had to leave him at home with the air conditioning….

But I didn’t want to disappoint, so I thought about getting a reflection in one of our cars’ bumper…but sadly no chrome….

On the other hand, the Triumph motorcycle is full of chrome…or so I thought…but as it turns out there are just a few pieces of chrome and the rest is non-reflective metal. The sidepipes were too skinny to get a reflection and the turn signals were way too tiny. But the headlight was do-able!

So here is Stewie sitting pretty and smiling for his reflection photo:

sitting pretty_croppped

I love to play in Photoshop Elements so here is the same photo in a pointillist watercolour style:

sitting pretty_croppped dark strokes

I also like playing with HDR and this is a grunge version with a more serious-looking Stewie reflection:

DSC_0641 cropped

More reflections from the Selkirk car show coming up for next Saturday’s Weekend Reflections! These were achieved much to the annoyance of an impatient hubby who wanted to see all the cars. Instead, I dawdled at a few of the oldest cars(ie lots of chrome), playing with many angles to maximize the number of  times I could see my reflection in 1 photo……I had fun!!

For lots more weekend reflections from around the world check out the linky here.


9 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections: Stewie

  1. Oh Stewie … you are so handsome, especially in a photoshoped chrome Triumph Motorcycle pose. Lucky you and who in your family has a Triumph? I remember those from back in the day … didn’t know they were still making them 🙂 Great reflections, Marsha 🙂

    Andrea @ From the Sol


  2. Great shot! And how nice of Stewie to sit still and pose. I love seeing the processed versions, too. I don’t think I can pick a favourite edit – they’re so different, but both so effective.


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