ZIZO #32 Sand Castles

Grand Beach Manitoba, a gorgeous beach less than 1 hour away from my house! The lake levels are quite high this year so there is less beach than usual. A beautiful sunny day…not a cloud in the sky.

The zoom out:

zoom out_for blog

A zoom-in collage:

sand castles collage

These sculpturists just do this for a hobby. Amazing carvings and lots of hidden little details, like Kermit the frog!

Many photo-ops: lots of seagulls, pelicans, and piping plover(an endangered species- less than 20 left in Manitoba), a tourist photo for the scavenger hunt but a missed “birds on a wire” photo for the scavenger hunt(rats!!). The piping plover nesting area is protected to allow safe(to the birds) viewing but I didn’t get a chance to find them….

Linking to Helena’s ZIZO post here.





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