Abstract Wednesday: Assiniboine Park

I created this abstracted photo by layering a couple of my photos that I took in Assiniboine Park last week. One photo was of a deer statue by Leo Mol and the other photo was some pink flowers. I know I used HDR processing,  a texture or 2 plus a filter or 2 from PSE.

deer plus-2 copyBut I am not sure if it is cropped properly since not much is happening on the left side…maybe it needs a smidge of pink over there too! Composition issues!! Now is probably the time that I really should start watching the videos for the abstract photography class I am enrolled in!

Linking to Nature Footstep Abstract on Wednesday here.


5 thoughts on “Abstract Wednesday: Assiniboine Park

  1. You are trying to over think it … it is beautiful and can stand on it’s own. But, I know that feeling … I get caught up in that “what if I do one more thing” syndrome too … Nice Piece.

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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