Textures with Canola

Playing again with one of Kim Klassen’s textures…”paper stained”.

This time I used a photo of a canola field. My hubby “discovered” this field while he was on a bike ride and thought I could use it for photography since it was not far from home and it had easy access from the road. Now I just have to have him spot a flax field!!

The original photo:

original photo for blogI had focused on a single canola plant with a wide aperture so that the field behind it was blurred…as were farm buildings and trees in the far background.

I adjusted the photo with HDR and then I tried a couple of different crops and applied the “paper stained ” texture either once or twice with different blend modes. The first one has 1 layer of the texture:

I realized that the canola stalk was too centered so I redid the crop and decided to apply 2 layers of the texture with different blend modes and got this:

canola and 2 layers  for blog

Wow- a person could spend all day playing with textures and blend modes. And I think I just have to admit that I like dramatic colors and heavy textures!

Linking for just the second time to Kim’s Texture Tuesday here.


10 thoughts on “Textures with Canola

  1. I love your work on this image. You were so smart to change the crop. Sometimes I find I don’t have enough image to do that. It definitely improved it and the textures make the image “sing”!


  2. I do know what you mean about being able to play all day with textures and blend modes! I love what you’ve done with the canola image…. I just realized I’ve never seen one of the plants up close. Canola used to be grown in our valley as a crop, but it seems to have fallen out of favor in more recent years. Mint, grass seed, sugar beets, grain….none are quite so dramatic as a field of yellow canola!


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