2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt for July Linky: items 7, 19 and 21

A few more items for Rinda’s photo scavenger hunt!! Thanks Rinda…I am having so much fun collecting these photos!

Speeding along in the car(George at the wheel) I snapped some rural landscapes for item #7, but the foregrounds were blurred so I applied PSE filters to disguise!

Rural landscape #1 …modified with PSE cut-out filter. I love the way the filter caught the blue sky in the power tower:


Rural landscape #2…since I must include a typical Manitoba prairie landscape: an absolutely flat horizon and a bright yellow canola field. Modified with the dark strokes PSE filter:


If I can find a view with both canola and flax fields side-by-side I will add one more rural landscape.

A public garden for item #19. This garden is at our City Hall.  I love the symmetry with the pots and the shadows of the light posts.  I guess this really could be a triple hit with public garden, photo bomb and lamp posts but I am including it only for the public garden:

city hall garden

And since one is never enough, another public garden. This one is the cottage at the English Gardens in Assiniboine Park:

ap house

Assiniboine Park will also show up in a future scavenger hunt item.

And for item # 21 here is a photo of me and a seasonal item…my bicycle:


Is this cheating? I am always stretching the boundaries for the scavenger hunt items!!

This is the link to Rinda’s July link up here. And if you check out the Photo Scavenger Hunt subheader or click here you can check out my earlier posts.

8 thoughts on “2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt for July Linky: items 7, 19 and 21

  1. Oh, these are fun! I always love our beautiful Manitoba rural landscapes, and I really like the processing you did here. Great public gardens shots and I love your seasonal selfie!


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